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Summer Camps

Registration for 2019 Summer Camps Now Open!

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 Hawk Circle Adventure Camp

  Camps for ages 10-13, co-ed

                  Maple - June 30-July 6, 2019

During the Hawk Circle Adventure Camp, we will be building on basic survival skills that involve fire-making without matches, building debris shelters, making coal-burned bowls and spoons, trackingstone tools, wild food, cooking and more. 


The skills lay the foundation for establishing a deep connection to nature and a sense of safety that nature will provide for them.

Each session offers new skills and crafts, giving campers a new experience each week.  Groups are divided for some activities for age-appropriateness and skill level.

Teen Camps

Co-ed camps for ages 13-17

Our teen camps are more like a workshop than a camp.  Our participants return to Hawk Circle and experience a similar daily rhythm, but the skills and the crafts are more challenging and require more focused attention, taught by highly skilled instructors that are professionals in their field.  

Scout Awareness
The Way of the Wolverine
Ages 13-17, co-ed
July 21 - 27, 2019
Tuition: $1,200

In most native cultures, there were those who sought game, plants, new trails and adventure outside of village life.  These “scouts” moved silently, observed through tracking and stalking, were masters of camouflage and escape and evasion.


Traps, snares, hunting tools and weapons were important to know and master.  The arts of healing, cooking, and wild plants were also critical when scouts were far from village support.  


This camp expands our awareness beyond our usual ways of experiencing the world and offers a powerful and transformative experience.  Some parts may be physically and mentally challenging at times.

Hawk's Hearth
The Wild Foods Experience
Age 13-17, co-ed
July 28 - August 3, 2019
Tuition:  $1,200

To truly understand how nature provides for you, go out into the wilderness and discover all the wild foods and herbal medicine.  Everything you need can be found in the forest, ponds, fields and fresh water streams. 

As a Hawk's Hearth camper, you'll learn how to gather foods from the wild, cook foods using primitive methods and dig a fresh water spring for drinking. 


You'll also learn how to how to harvest and prepare plants for valuable medicine as you make your herbal first aid kit.  Collecting materials for your wild food's gathering basket and carving a wooden digging stick are just some of the craft projects you'll work on through out the week.

As we gather everything we need from the Hawk Circle fields and forests, this camp instills a deep sense of safety in regards to how and what nature provides for us.  Plus it's super fun to explore all the primitive ways to make tasty wild food!

The Art of Leadership
Ages 13-17, co-ed
August 4 - 10, 2019
Tuition:  $1,200

The Tribe camp goes beyond the usual summer camp experience.  Campers divide into groups and learn what it takes to develop a cohesive tribe, work together and collectively, plan and strategize how to take care of one another and how to govern.  

This camp offers valuable opportunities to learn your strengths and weaknesses, and the art of leadership and collaboration.

But most of all, the Tribe campers will learn what it takes to think of what is good for the whole rather than just themselves, to collaborate, honor and respect their tribe members and know when to lead and when to follow.  Rather than using an old hierarchical model, we encourage them to create balance, equality and a recognition of each member's gifts.

Hawk Circle Leadership Program

Ages 15-18, co-ed
2 week minimum enrollment
Tuition:   $500/week

This program gives students the chance to learn and work with Hawk Circle staff 'behind the scenes', to help with activities, games, camper supervision, in a CIT role.   We focus on work skills and ethics, community service projects and how to be part of a team.     Participants stay in cabins or tents, work in the kitchen or with the camp staff, and have time to learn some nature and wilderness skills too.    It's a great transition from being a 'camper' to working as a full camp counselor, with all of the great benefits of our supportive environment of youth development.

Please Note: We only take 5 participants each week. 


Hawk Circle meals are made in our farmhouse kitchen using the freshest of ingredients.   While they are kid friendly, they are also healthy with fruit and vegetables offered at every meal. 


Favorite meals include our Breakfast Sundae, warm peaches, yogurt with granola on top, creamy Macaroni n'cheese with cooked carrots and collard greens and Taco Tuesday with a variety of fresh peppers, onions and cilantro.

We are well-versed in gluten-free menus as well as a variety of other food sensitivities and allergies. Unfortunately, we do not accommodate vegan or macrobiotic diets.  However, we are happy to send you a copy of our menu so you can provide your child with appropriate meal substitutes.  There is an additional fee for gluten-free diets.  

If your child has a severe nut allergy, please notify us well in advance so that we can eliminate cross-contamination and be fully aware of your child's needs.

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