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Hawk Circle offers a variety of experiences that help you to align with the healing powers of the natural world. A reset of your nervous system, where you return to the beauty and magic of nature and your own inner nature.


The Stone Circle

Stone circles throughout the UK and parts of Europe were traditionally used for ceremonial purposes and a way to connect with the Otherworld of spirits and ancestors.

Our stone circle consists of large boulders carried by glaciers throughout New York more than 18,000 years ago.


The stones are record keepers.  They are also portals, and sitting with them help you to hear the messages whispered by your ancestors. 

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, also known as Shinrin-yoku, is becoming a known and accepted remedy for relieving stress, healing emotional issues and quieting mental chatter.

With the perfect balance between soothing sounds, wonderful scents, and peaceful colors, spending time immersed in the forest resets your nervous system.  And in today's world, we all need a remedy that counteracts the stresses of life.

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Becoming one with Nature fulfills our Deepest Longing--- 
A return home to our One True Self.

Sacred Oils

Sacred Oils have been used throughout the ages as a way to accelerate consciousness and awaken to a greater awareness of the true self.

Trista facilitate's introductory experiences with the use of sacred oils, guiding guests through the process of blending oils for particular healing benefits.

Trista also offers brief "readings" for each participant that offers an understanding on how to use the oils and for what purpose that is very personal.

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Sound Healing with
Earth Light Language

There is a language that comes from the original, divine blueprint of the earth.  When spoken, it awakens each individual's divine blueprint within their own body.

Along with drumming, Trista leads participants through healing pathworks, followed by Earth Light Language that helps to awaken, heal and release long-held patterns in the body.

After a group experience with Trista, past participants have shared that their pain has disappeared, they feel more at peace, and their level of consciousness has expanded.


Additional Experiences

  • Massage

  • Sacred Movement

  • Herbal Salve Making

  • Guided Walk & Meditation to Sacred Sites

  • Evening Bon Fire

  • Campfires with Smores

  • Wilderness Team Building Skills

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