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Embracing the Mystery of IMBOLC

This beautiful painting is by Amanda Clark. Check out her work on Etsy.

Imbolc is full of mystery and magic. Like a seed, there is a great deal of potential not yet actualized. It's still hidden, beneath the ground and in the womb of our own body. However, this magical cross-quarter day heralds a time to renew your faith and hope in change and newness.

With so much uncertainty in the world, it can be difficult to find hope, and surely, our faith is being tested. But let me gently turn your head away from the man-made world. Yes, we don't know what the world of man is going to look like in the near or far future. Yes, there are things there that we can no longer count on. Yes, there are situations in the man-made world that we have no control over. And no, there isn't a return to normal on tomorrow's horizon.

But it's okay.

Let me gently turn your head where you can rest your gaze upon the beauty, the magic and the mystery of the natural world. You are made more of the natural world then any man-made world. Here, you can find your community, your power, your purpose, your relations, and most importantly, your home.

The mystery of Imbolc is felt in the flutter of hope, or joy, that we feel in our hearts -- for a fleeting moment, yes. But it's there. The flutter of life that tells you there is something new percolating deep within. Something growing. Something new being born.

This is where you want to turn your attention to, because this is where you'll find your answers. If you cling to the past, desperately wanting things to go back to the way they were, OR, continue to seek security in the man-made world, OR think that just waiting out the storm is the answer, then you're going to miss the flutter of something new wanting to be born, to be actualized, to be expressed.

Somewhere inside of you are the answers you're seeking. Somewhere inside of you there is a seed of wisdom that's been waiting for this time in your life to be watered, to grow, and to provide you with the answers for creating a new life, and a new world. Still yourself and listen.

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Gracie Johnson
Gracie Johnson
Nov 16, 2022

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