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Women of the WildWood Retreat
October 19-22, 2023

at Hawk Circle

Women of the WildWood Retreat
Unearthing Your Authentic Self
October 19-22, 2023

During one of the more potent times of the year, at the onset of the darker days, we'll gather together to stir the pot of our own soul longings.  We'll call in the Black Madonna and the Cailleach - two very powerful primal forces of nature that will guide us back to our roots, back to the earth, back to our authentic self and the transformative power of darkness where all life begins.  We'll return to the WildWood.

For thousands of years, the feminine aspect of ourselves has been domesticated.  We've stepped into societal roles filled with expectations, obligations and restriction.  

During this retreat, we'll embrace the darker days, as we make our own talisman and medicine pouch to hold the remedies for our personal transformation and healing.

We'll create masks, as a way to bring forth and unearth the wild woman within.


Together, we'll unearth the authentic self, root ourselves deeply in the earth, and find our voice of truth fueled by the power of the Dark Goddess. 


Here's What to Expect

This retreat is designed to awaken your lineage with the primal self - the part of ourselves that is deeply rooted in the natural world.  

  • Celtic Four Directions

  • Ceremonial Soul Work

  • Root Walking

  • Ceremonial Mask-making

  • Blind-fold Drum Stalk

  • Time to wander our forest trails

  • Herbal elixir making 

  • Nutritious, soul quenching meals



Our Sacred Land

When people inhabit an area for quite some time, and live with intention, the land becomes sacred and a pilgrimage site. Here, at Hawk Circle, we've lived and worked this land providing transformational experiences for over 25 years with the intention of helping those who visit, to heal, to transform, and to connect deeply with the life giving forces of nature.  People come and wander the land and leave here changed.  Before us, years ago, were the Mohawk people.  On occasion we find one of their arrowheads, or see their spirits gathered around a fire at the edge of the forest.  The faerie beings as well, reside in our forests near our glacier-made stone circle -a place you can enter, offer them a gift and receive in their blessing.  

Fresh water springs flow down our hill, an abundance of song-birds nest in our hedgerows, and bald eagles, hawks, herons and owls are a common sight.  The wild life is plentiful, as are a variety of herbs and berries.  

We are also just 15 minutes from Otsego Lake and Council Rock where the tribes of the Iroquois gathered.  On her western shores stands the King Fisher Tower with a plaque that reads, "Dedicated to the Lady of the Lake."  Here, both the Native American culture and the Arthurian Legends merge.  I call this area Avalon West.  

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How to Register

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Fee:  $875 includes all meals & lodging

Cabins will be shared with other participants depending on how many attend this retreat.

Arrive: by 4:00 on Thursday, October 19th

Depart: by 12:00, noon, on Sunday, October 22nd

FEE:  $875 includes all meals, lodging and instruction

For anyone flying or taking the train, please use Albany as your destination.  We will provide pickup between 1:00 and 2:00pm.  Pickup and return fee is $80.00.

If you wish to stay longer,  cabins are available for $150/per night, breakfast included.


Your Meals

We will be eating meals appropriate for the colder months - root vegetables, cooked greens, soups and stew.​

Food is powerful medicine and during this retreat, both your body and soul will be nourished.

You'll have the opportunity to let us know about any special dietary requirements at the time of registration.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, weather appropriate.  Yoga wear, sweater, layers for varying weather, hiking boots or sneakers, rain coat, winter coat, journal and pen, toiletries, wool hat and mittens, and water bottle.

Where Will I sleep?

Check out our cozy cabins!

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