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Timber Framing Workshop 

with Ricardo Sierra & Craig Boynton
Fee: $750
includes instruction, food & housing

November 2-5, 2023

What to expect...

This class teaches some of the basic timber framing joinery skills that are essential in building a traditional American style frame.   We use hand tools primarily, and learn to cut a straight line with a hand saw, as well as how to move beams safely, make hand cut hardwood pegs, how to raise and assemble a frame and more.

It's difficult to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about framing in a short weekend, but we will do our best to give you a great experience, with hands on learning, great food and good people!    We will answer questions, and share our combined knowledge with everyone.

Participants can bring their own tools or  use the tools here in our shop, so they don't have to purchase items before getting a chance to try them out.  Personal safety equipment and basic building tools are required, and all participants get a list of clothing, gear and tools upon registering for the program.



The Timber Frame Tradition

Timber framing is an old method of building that by its very nature brings people together and cultivates a sense of community.  People of all ages with a variety of skill levels, come together as a team to create something beautiful.  Here at Hawk Circle, we honor the community aspect of this tradition emphasizing the importance of honoring each other's strengths, varying interests and skill levels.


It's a wonderful feeling to be part of a group working to the rhythm of hammering chisels, sawing beams and the laughter and friendship of people working with a common purpose.    

Corey Stevens:Frame.jpg

What's included...

  • Timber Framing Tool Use and Care                     

  • Beam Sawing Techniques                                        

  • Rafter Cutting                                                             

  • Sill Beam Cutting                                                       

  • Plate Beam Cutting                                                  

  • Girt Beam Cutting

  • Floor Joist Cutting                                                                        

  • Chisel Sharpening Methods                                   

  • Drilling and Assembling Frames                                               

  • Frame Design                                                                                                   

  • Mortise Cutting

  • Tenon Cutting

  • Knee Brace Cutting

  • Post Beam Cutting

  • Tie Beam Cutting

  • Common Stud Joinery

  • Hard Wood Peg Carving

  • Safe Beam Moving 

  • Beam Layout & Measuring

  • Work Safety & Gear

All wood, tools and materials are provided during the program. 

The project worked on is pre-determined for each program by the instructors. 

All meals and housing is included!
We have newly renovated, cozy timber frame cabins for you to enjoy during your stay here.  The perfect place to unwind and relax after a day of working and learning.  (double occupancy)

hearty, home made meals will give you all the energy and nourishment you need for spending your days timber framing.  We accommodate most allergies and food sensitivities.

Your Instructors...


Ricardo Sierra

Founder of Hawk Circle Wilderness Summer Camps and Hawk Circle Timber Frames

Rick's passion for timber framing began when he discovered the incredible difference living and using these historical and traditional spaces provided over modern buildings.    

He studied and practiced his skills through working with Craig Boynton, from Hinsdale, MA, through the linneage of Jack Sobon, using square rule and the Historical American Joinery aesthetic found throughout the New England and New York area.

Craig Boynton

Craig has been a timber framer and builder for decades, working in both traditional and modern building styles and designs.   He specializes in unique and difficult custom woodwork through Bancroft Custom Woodworks and he has brought timber framing to Hawk Circle in the early 2000's to help create cabins and spaces that would last.  

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