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The Sacred Hallows
Reclaiming Your Relationship

with the Faerie Realm


The Sacred Hallows

Reclaiming Your Relationship with the Faerie Realm

with Trista Haggerty
May 17 - 19, 2024


Magical beings with super-natural powers and otherworldly realms hidden by mist throughout time have been woven into myths and legends and held dear by cultures all over the world.

During this class, we'll peel back the layers of wrongful myths and discover who the faeries truly are and how to communicate with them to receive in their Divine Intelligence.


I've been communing with the faerie beings for many years here at Hawk Circle, and today, their desire to work with humans comes with a sense of urgency.


The only way for us to weave a new world, we must work in cooperation with nature and the faerie beings. They offer us many gifts, and help to awaken our own powers. 

We will spend time outdoors, visiting our sacred areas and communing with the faerie beings. Through writing, drawing and deep listening, we'll hear their messages.

What You'll Learn

  • The Hallows

  • The Seven Directions

  • The Hidden Paths to the Faerie Realms

  • Offerings - we'll make a fermented drink 

  • How to Discover Your Gifts  

Your time here will be magical and meaningful. I've found connecting to the faerie realm to be the deepest coming home experience to the very heart of nature and to my own inner nature.

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Amanda Clark, Artist

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The Sacred Hallows - Reclaiming Your Relationship with the Faerie Realm

May 17-19, 2024

Residential Fee: $775 

Includes, all meals & lodging

Day Fee: $475

Includes lunch and dinners

Arrive: Friday, May 17th at 4:00pm

Depart: Sunday, May 19th at 3:00pm


We provide transportation from the airport, bus or train station in Albany, NY.

Pick-up in Albany between 1:00 - 3:00pm

Drop-off in Albany at 1:30pm

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Your Meals

Your meals will be specially prepared for you to support your time of rest and healing.  Green smoothies, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and healthy grains will be prepared for you each day.​

Food is powerful medicine and during your personal retreat, both your body and soul will be nourished.

You'll have the opportunity to let us know about any special dietary requirements at the time of registration.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, weather appropriate.  Yoga wear, layers for varying weather, hiking boots or sneakers, rain coat, sandals, journal and pen, toiletries, sun hat, water bottle and sunscreen.

Fresh Salad

Where will I sleep?

We have several cabins in close proximity to Eagle House where we'll be meeting each day.  The cabins are charming and newly renovated. Our bathrooms and showers are in Eagle House, just a few steps away. 


Down a wooded trail, is a fountain of fresh spring water that comes from the many springs on our hill.  This is sacred water.  It's vibrancy and freshness is palpable and you can fill your pitcher throughout the day.

You will either have a cabin to yourself, or share with one other person, depending on how many sign-up for this course.

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