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After being closed for two years, due to COVID, we had a great re-opening this year!  With your support, we'll be able to continue to serve the growing demand of people wanting to connect to nature.  Trista and Ricardo

2022 Campaign Season

The Eagle House Campaign

Eagle House Hillside View.jpg

Thanks to several donations, last winter we were able to complete the interior of Eagle House.  We re-opened this spring, after being closed for two years, and hosted several retreat leaders as well as offered our own retreats and trainings. 

Having Eagle House, with its big classroom space, and bathrooms and showers was a game changer!  


This year, we're fundraising to complete the exterior siding, trim, deck and to fix the road going up to Eagle House.  As you can see from the photos above, we were able to add siding around the entry way, but the rest remains unfinished.  

Group Process Painting

What still needs to be completed

  • Exterior Siding & Trim Work

  • Deck and Deck Railings

  • Site Landscaping, Road and Parking Areas

Closing Our Budget Gap 


This past summer's retreats were successful in replacing Hawk Circle's summer camp income.  However, this year we are presented with another challenge.  Our long-standing contract with the CROP agency where we offered after-school programs has come to an end.  With the growing need for mental health services in schools, the agency's funds are being directed towards professional mental health services. 

This leaves a $30,000 gap in our annual budget. 


We are hoping to encourage early enrollment for our programs, but expect our efforts will only cover half the deficit.  So for the first time in 32 years, we are asking for support in closing our budget gap.  

Rose Cottage_Interior.jpg

One of our updated cabins - The Rose Cottage

Bathroom_Eagle House.jpg

Bathroom at Eagle House


What's been completed

  • Toilet and Sink Installation

  • Electric Service and Lighting. 

  • Clay-Wood Chip Wall Insulation

  • Windows and Doors

  • Window and Door Trim

  • Varnishing all Trim

  • Hallway and Bathroom Flooring

  • Ceiling in Hallway & Main Room

  • Plastering Walls

  • Front Door Finished & Installed

  • Cool/Hot Air Exchange Heating Units Installed

  • Flooring in hallway and main room

Animal Communication Class in Eagle House

We are looking to Raise $38,500 
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Mail your donation to: 

Hawk Circle 

PO Box 506

Cherry Valley, NY .  13320

Hawk Circle and The Earth Mentoring Institute are

a 501C3, non-profit organization. 

Our newly remodeled cabins!

Maple Cabin_Fall.JPG

Our 2022 Progress Report!

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