Due to COVID, all our 2020 programs were cancelled.  We spent our time writing an online program for mothers to support them with connecting their children to the natural world during these uncertain times.  We were able to continue moving forward with Eagle House, but at a slower rate than we hoped.  However, with our course nearing completion, and the return of one of our main helpers, we plan on devoting a great deal of our time to complete Eagle House by the spring of 2021.

We believe that every child, every parent, grandparent and soul seeker should have the opportunity to retreat from the busy world we live in and discover the healing benefits of being immersed in nature. 


We are striving to upgrade our facilities so that Hawk Circle can welcome people of all ages with a varying degree of abilities.  

Eagle House is our first BIG upgrade and is so close to being completed.  It's a beautiful, inspiring space that offers a large room for working on crafts, meditation, yoga and community gatherings without having to worry about inclement weather.  It also offers bathrooms and warm showers and is fully accessible.

Completing Eagle House will allow us to welcome in more people during the later fall, winter and spring months providing them with a warm, dry place.  

Will you please help complete this important project?


What still needs to be completed

  • Tiling Shower Base and Walls

  • Siding and Exterior Trim Work

  • Flooring

  • Ceiling Insulation and Ceiling boards

  • Interior Trim and Finish Work

  • Solar Panels

  • Heating System

  • Deck and Deck Railings

  • Site Landscaping, Road and Parking Areas

We completed Eagle House's porch and ramp creating a truly beautiful entrance.

Natural reed matting covers the walls keeping the clay/wood chip infill in place.  Next comes natural clay plaster

that will cover the reed mattings.

The Eagle House Campaign

Hallway with bathroom doors.

What's been completed

  • Water & Plumbing

  • Electric Service and Lighting. All the electric work is complete except for hanging light fixtures.

  • Insulation and Clay Plaster. We have almost all the walls insulated with a clay/wood chip infill that we'll be plastering soon as a final coat.

  • Windows and Doors

  • Loft Railing

  • Porch, Ramp and Railings

  • Interior Framing

  • Enclosed Shower Deck

  • Installed Electrical Pedestals

  • Dug Trench for Electrical Line

  • Soffits and roof gutters

         We are looking to raise $45,000 this fall, 2020.  Help us reach our goal!

Donate by making a quick and easy payment via Paypal.


Mail your donation to: 

Hawk Circle 

PO Box 506

Cherry Valley, NY .  13320

Hawk Circle and The Earth Mentoring Institute are

a 501C3, non-profit organization. 

Mid-town West School, from NYC, was our first group to enjoy Eagle House.  We had a rainy day and the space worked great for keeping dry while working on crafts.  

Aside from completing the electric work, completing the plumbing and installing bathroom fixtures is our next important step.  Using porta-johns is everyone's least favorite part of their experience here at Hawk Circle.

2020 Progress Report Coming Soon! 

Here's our 2019 Progress Report.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 12.46.28 PM.pn

Hawk Circle and The Earth Mentoring Institute is a 501C3, not-for-profit organization.

Hawk Circle

PO Box 506

Cherry Valley, NY .  13320