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Elegant, Rustic, & Creative
Accommodations that inspire a connection with the magic of the natural world!

Eagle House Porch.JPG

Eagle House

Eagle House is our brand new retreat house.  A charming, rustic front porch where guests often relax and have their breakfast, and a large classroom space with spectacular views of the valley - perfect for yoga or meditation!

Eagle House is also where our bathrooms and outdoor showers with changing rooms are --where you can experience the cool breeze on your skin as you step out of the shower into your own private dressing room.  A highlight of most guests!

Cozy Cabins

Our cozy cabins are rustic, hand-built, timber frame cabins that offer a simple, yet comfortable place for sleeping.

All-cotton bedding with quilts and comforters and comfortable beds ensures a good night's sleep.  

Wake to the sound of songbirds and mist blanketing the valley hills.  Fall asleep to the smell of pine and coyotes howling in the distance.

Eating Deck.jpg
Outdoor Eating Deck

Our rustic covered deck is a lovely place to enjoy lunch or dinner beneath the shade of our old maple trees.  

Home-made, fresh & healthy meals

Serving meals made with simple, fresh and sustainably grown ingredients is our goal. We use ingredients grown here in our own gardens and food forest as much as possible. 


Fresh salads, scrumptious home-baked scones and bread, healthy grains, culturally inspired meals and specialty, herbal and berry infused cordials and kombucha make for a unique dining experience.


We also accommodate a variety of food allergies and sensitivities.  

Scones & Clementines.JPG
Fruit Cordials.jpg
Fall Trail.jpg

Sacred Sites & Lots of Trails

We are located on 200 acres of forest hills, fields and streams. We have several trails that are beautiful for hiking or wandering, but many also lead to places held sacred.

As you hike one of our main trails, you'll see a smaller trail leading into the woods.  There you'll find our "Stonehenge" --our glacier made stone circle consisting of very large and ancient boulders surrounded by hemlock, white birch and meandering streams of water.

We also have fresh, spring water that flows down from our hills where guests can fill their water bottles each day. Prayer ties hang from the surrounding trees where guests offer their blessings to the water.

A large, white pine tree that stands in the center of the cabins, is a tree that offers healing and release to those who need it.  She has been given the name The Wailing Tree.

Other areas include the Lightning Tree, the Forest of the Dark Goddess, and the White Pine Healing Grove.

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