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The Pilgrim's Path

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The Pilgrim's Journey

A time to heal, rest, and be divinely nourished

We've scheduled several dates for the Pilgrim's Journey in 2023. 
Please check below to find the best dates that work for you.


The Pilgrim's Journey
Retreat, Renewal, Rest

​The Pilgrim's Path offers you solitude in nature, deep rest and tender care that we can't always provide for ourselves. 

Take time to wander through the forest trails, rethink your life, schedule sessions for both healing and guidance, and leisurely sip a mug of hot herbal tea as you watch the morning mist shape-shift the valley hills. 



Here's What to Expect

Your personal Pilgrimage provides you with plenty of time to wander, contemplate, journal and rest.  You will also have time to meet with Trista privately for guidance and for a healing session each day or however you see fit.

Your day begins with the sound of music waking you from your dreams, a hot mug of herbal tea, time for yoga and meditation, and a breakfast with fresh fruit and grains and smoothies. 

Besides time to contemplate, we offer an inspiring space to paint or draw, and a library of inspiring books and stories.  

Meals are shared with other seekers on the path, or delivered to your cabin for more solo time.  

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What You'll Experience During Your Personal Retreat

  • Time to Wander, Hike, and Explore in Nature

  • Daily Meditations

  • Sacred Alchemy Healing Session

  • Massage

  • Clean Diet, Fresh Herbs and Mountain Spring Water

  • Private Cabin(rustic, but cozy!)


About Your Healing Sessions

Your personal retreat sessions include:

  • Sacred Alchemy healing session

  • Full-body massage, with Renata Hickey 

  • Cleansing meditation with oils and herbs(group)

  • Morning Alchemy yoga(group)

  • Soul nourishing meals

  • Time to wander, hike, contemplate and journal

Accelerate your healing and awakening with the use of essential oils, acupressure and spiritual anointing as you surrender and inhale deeply otherworldly aromas.

All to support and enhance your work as a pilgrim on the path of seeking a meaningful life.

Trista is a certified aromatherapist, transcutaneous acupuncturist and herbalist.  She offers sacred journeys, initiatory online programs and Sacred Oil Alchemy training.  She has been on the path offering healing and transformative experiences for the past 25 years.

Your Meals

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Your meals will be specially prepared for you to support your time of rest and healing.  Green smoothies, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and healthy grains will be prepared for you each day.​

Food is powerful medicine and during your personal retreat, both your body and soul will be nourished.

You'll have the opportunity to let us know about any special dietary requirements at the time of registration.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, weather appropriate.  Yoga wear, layers for varying weather, hiking boots or sneakers, rain coat, sandals, journal and pen, toiletries, sun hat, water bottle and sunscreen.

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Where will I sleep?

Keeping in alignment with the true pilgrim's experience from long ago, or the hermitages where seekers spent their time in solitude, we've maintained the same simplistic quality.  

You will have a cabin to yourself, with a bed(all made with cotton sheets and warm, cozy comforters), a desk, a chair, a lantern for late-night journaling, and a pitcher for spring water.  

Our cabins have heat and electricity and have been newly renovated.  Bathrooms and showers are close by in Eagle House.


Just a few steps away, down a wooded trail, is a fountain of fresh spring water that comes from the many springs on our hill.  This is sacred water.  It's vibrancy and freshness is palpable and you can fill your pitcher throughout the day.

We have very limited cell service(a blessing in disguise), and ask guests to set their phones aside during their time here to be able to truly reap the benefits of the healing forest surrounding them. 

Four-day Retreat, all inclusive

Arrive between 4:00-5:00pm on first day and depart by 11:00am on fourth day.  Fee:  $1,200   3 nights/4 days

Step Two - Click on the "Submit Form" button below and pay a non-refundable deposit of $500. 



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