The Pilgrim's Path

deep healing, transformation, loving care, personal guidance

The path of a spiritual seeker, a pilgrim, can be trying and tiresome at times.  We need respite, guidance and tender care that we can't always provide for ourselves.  A personal pilgrim retreat with Trista involves time to reflect, nourishing food, healing sessions with sensuously, divine oils, life-giving sacred water to renew your cells, time spent in the magic of nature, and deep rest and reflection.

Wouldn't it feel wonderful to take a break and rest, be nurtured, heal, dream and re-think your life? 

Imagine listening to the sound of song birds and smelling the sweet scent of the forest as you slowly wake from your dreams. 


Sipping warm herbal tea as you wander down the trail through the morning mist that dances throughout the forest landscape.


Spending time in nature is a proven remedy for relieving stress and promoting relaxation and wellness. 

Your meals will be specially prepared for you to support your time of rest and healing.  Green smoothies, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and healthy grains will be prepared for you each day.

Part of creating your personal retreat, is putting together a menu specifically suited to your needs following an Ayurvedic philosophy and understanding your doshas. 

Food is powerful medicine and during your personal retreat, both your body and soul will be nourished.

Along with time spent wandering in the woods and sitting by the cool mountain streams, you'll have scheduled appointments for healing and meditation.

Accelerate your healing and awakening with the use of essential oils, acupressure and spiritual anointing as you surrender and inhale deeply otherworldly aromas.

Relax with meditation and prayer, and discover the power of ritual as you dive deep into your subconscious and stir the longings of your soul.

Trista uses ancient healing techniques that help you to open to your soul's wisdom, power and purpose.

About Your Healing Sessions

When scheduling your private retreat, you will have an extensive assessment over the phone with Trista to determine your primary area of focus for healing and transformation. 


You will also be given a Dosha Assessment, an ayurvedic process to determine which foods will best support you during your retreat.


Your personal retreat sessions include:

  • full-body, healing oil treatment with herbs and essential oils

  • Cleansing meditation with oils and herbs.

  • heart opening session with sound and select stones

  • chakra assessment session with clearing

All to support and enhance your work as a pilgrim on the path of seeking spiritual truth and personal awareness.

What You'll Experience During Your Personal Retreat

  • Time to Wander, Hike, and Explore in Nature

  • Daily Meditations

  • Daily, Two-Hour Healing Sessions

  • Clean Diet, Fresh Herbs and Mountain Spring Water

  • Personalized Sacred Oil Blend

  • Private Cabin(rustic, but cozy!)

  • Transportation From Albany(airport, train, or bus)


Option One:  Three-day Retreat, all inclusive

Arrive no later than 1:00pm on first day and depart by 3:00pm on third day.  Fee:  $450

Option Two:  Four-day Retreat, all inclusive

Arrive no later than 1:00pm on first day and depart by 3:00pm on fourth day.  Fee:  $600

Where will I sleep?

Keeping in alignment with the true pilgrim's experience from long ago, or the hermitages where seekers spent their time in solitude, we've maintained the same simplistic quality.  

You will have a cabin to yourself, with a bed(all made with cotton sheets and warm, cozy comforters), a desk, a chair, a lantern for late-night journaling, and a pitcher for spring water.


Our cabins do not have electricity.  This supports being on a natural rhythm with the sun rising and setting.  It also supports deep rest and healing as the slight vibration of electricity creates a disturbance to your well-being.  


Just a few steps away, down a wooded trail, is a fountain of fresh spring water that comes from the many springs on our hill.  This is sacred water.  It's vibrancy and freshness is palpable and you can fill your pitcher throughout the day.

Hawk Circle and The Earth Mentoring Institute is a 501C3, not-for-profit organization.

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