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The Magdalene Retreat
July 21-26, 2022

at Hawk Circle

Music floating on the gentle breeze
Calling you to return to the temple
"Enter the healing chamber of The Magdalene
Anoint yourself with precious oils
Reclaim your One true self, your sacred body,
Your magical power, your ancient wisdom."
Whispers coming from a timeless voice.


The Magdalene Retreat
Entering the Healing Chamber
July 21-26, 2022

At a time when all of nature is returning to the earth, we too must deepen our roots and anchor our beingness into new soil and a deeper cosmology.  During one of the most beautiful times of the year, here at Hawk Circle, we gather together to reunite and to re-enter the healing chambers of the Magdalene. 


Our time spent together will truly be a "temple" experience where you'll be deeply nourished, profoundly enlightened and leave here with a clear path moving forward.  Together, we'll untangle the threads of old -  self-denial, fear, wounds and bruises, self-judgement and worn out modes of survival.  

And anchor in the frequencies of the new.

We'll gather our forces to carry on the work of the Marys.  To imagine, to create, to breathe life into a New World.

This is the gift of the Magdalene.  She awakens within us the frequencies of abundance, love, trust, embodied divinity and a life void of ongoing struggle.


Here's What to Expect

This retreat is designed to emulate a temple experience and monastic rhythm in alignment with the teachings of Mary Magdalene

  • Daily prayer, meditation and song

  • Morning Alchemy Yoga

  • Contemplative Art and Iconography

  • Daily healing circle

  • Oracle arts - poetic expression of the telluric energy in the land

  • Ceremony

  • Time to wander our forest trails

  • Learn to make herbal and precious oil remedies to nourish both your physical body and light body

  • Water ceremony and boat ride on the lake(weather permitting)

  • Nutritious, soul quenching meals and specialty tonics and cordials made here

Our days will flow gently with grace as we intentionally slip into the 'in-between' places periodically throughout the day, while weaving in self-healing practices, creative arts and time spent in nature. 



Alchemy Yoga is Trista's own creation inspired by the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the mystical path. Movements and breath work supporting physical release and understanding to aid your emerging wholeness and divine embodiment.

Our Sacred Land

When people inhabit an area for quite some time, and live with intention, the land becomes sacred and a pilgrimage site. Here, at Hawk Circle, we've lived and worked this land providing transformational experiences for over 25 years with the intention of helping those who visit, to heal, to transform, and to connect deeply with the life giving forces of nature.  People come and wander the land and leave here changed.  Before us, years ago, were the Mohawk people.  On occasion we find one of their arrowheads, or see their spirits gathered around a fire at the edge of the forest.  The faerie beings as well, reside in our forests near our glacier-made stone circle -a place you can enter, offer them a gift and receive in their blessing.  

Fresh water springs flow down our hill, an abundance of song-birds nest in our hedgerows, and bald eagles, hawks, herons and owls are a common sight.  The wild life is plentiful, as are a variety of herbs and berries.  

We are also just 15 minutes from Otsego Lake and Council Rock where the tribes of the Iroquois gathered.  On her western shores stands the King Fisher Tower with a plaque that reads, "Dedicated to the Lady of the Lake."  Here, both the Native American culture and the Arthurian Legends merge.  I call this area Avalon West.  


Your Meals

Fresh Salad

Your meals will be specially prepared for you to support your time of rest and healing.  Green smoothies, organic fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, and healthy grains will be prepared for you each day.​

Food is powerful medicine and during your personal retreat, both your body and soul will be nourished.

You'll have the opportunity to let us know about any special dietary requirements at the time of registration.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothes, weather appropriate.  Yoga wear, layers for varying weather, hiking boots or sneakers, rain coat, sandals, journal and pen, toiletries, sun hat, water bottle and sunscreen.

Cabin Bed.jpg

Where will I sleep?

Keeping in alignment with the true pilgrim's experience from long ago, or the hermitages where seekers spent their time in solitude, we've maintained the same simplistic quality.  

You will have a cabin to yourself, with a bed(all made with cotton sheets and warm, cozy comforters), a desk, a chair, a lantern for late-night journaling, and a pitcher for spring water.


Our cabins do have heat and electricity and have been newly renovated.  Bathrooms and showers are close by in Eagle House. 


Just a few steps away, down a wooded trail, is a fountain of fresh spring water that comes from the many springs on our hill.  This is sacred water.  It's vibrancy and freshness is palpable and you can fill your pitcher throughout the day.


for 6 day, 5 night retreat

Fee:  $1,600

Option I:  pay in full 

Option II:  $500 non-refundable deposit with 3 monthly payments of $368 each.

To register, please click the payment button below and fill out the form to the right for additional information. 


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Our Info Form provides us with valuable information to help ensure you have a comfortable stay.  Please fill out and send in after you submit your deposit.  Thank you!