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Gifts from the Summer Solstice

Summer can be so busy that the solstice easily passes by without our noticing.  But if we take the time to slow down and pay attention, we get a glimpse of the gifts this season brings.

Along with the beautiful display of flowers and pastures of green that stretch as far as the eye can see, there are the gifts that the solstice offers for our inner journey throughout the year.

While the Winter Solstice, being the shortest day of the year, is the spark of light or the seed that when nurtured during the winter months births new life come spring, the Summer Solstice is the union, the marriage as we turn towards the sun to grow and blossom and drink in the sun's rays.  Our inner journey is like the tiny seed that inherently begins to grow upon feeling the warmth of the sun, forever striving for the light til it reaches its fullest potential and blossoms in all its beauty and glory.

For us, these are the AHA moments, the sudden burst of understanding, clarity - the penetration of solar consciousness.  What may have started as an idea months ago as winter descended upon us, now, with the full extent of the sun's power, we gain clarity as we begin to manifest our idea into the light of day. 

Take some time to think back to your thoughts and dreams that were swirling through your mind last fall into winter.  Have you carried those ideas forward?  Are  you allowing them to blossom in your life?  Are you "watering" and "feeding" your ideas to reach their potential? 

And have you felt the stirrings and the power of the Summer Solstice? 

It's not too late.  Soak in the warm, golden rays.  Let the sun caress your skin and bring forth your dreams and begin to take the steps to make your dreams a reality.


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