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Mushrooms of the Northeast
with Dave Muska


September 15 - 17, 2023

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The Kingdom Fungi is vast and curious. Entering this world can both be an exciting and daunting endeavor.  However, developing the skills to successfully & confidently identify mushrooms leads to a lifetime of exploration and enjoyment.

Whether you're interested in fungal ecology, adding foraged mushrooms to the dinner table, or harnessing the incredible power of mushrooms as medicine, our time together will introduce you to the fundamental skills necessary to successfully move you forward in your journey into the world of fungi.

Join Dave Muska as he guides you into Hawk Circle's diverse forest landscape.  This is an immersion, hands-on experience which is truly the best way to learn about mushroom identification, harvesting and processing with an expert in the field. And Hawk Circle is an awesome place to explore!

This is an all-inclusive weekend where you get to fully enjoy learning about mushrooms as you explore our land, sleep comfortably in our charming cabins, and join in community meals, all healthy and home-made right here.

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Wild Mushrooms

"Developing a personal relationship with the natural world is a fundamental component of a healthy life and a global community."

--Dave Muska

Weekend Itinerary

This weekend course will include the following fundamental aspects of mushroom/fungal understanding;  Fungal Ecology, Field Identification, Toxicity & Poisonings,  Edibility, Mushroom Medicine(Myco-Medicinals), Cultural History & Uses of Fungi, Collection Protocol and Harvesting Ethics, as well as home mushroom farming.


Course Structure: 

Friday Evening:

Check-in 4:00-5:00pm

Dinner 6:00pm

Mushrooms of the Northeast Presentation

Saturday Morning:

Mushroom Ecology & Field Identification (9am-noon)

Lunch 12:00 noon

Saturday Afternoon:

Mushroom Edibility & Toxicity (1pm-5pm)

Dinner 6:00pm

Evening Presentation:

Ethnomycology & Open ID:  (7pm-8:30pm)

Sunday Morning:

Medicinal Mushrooms (9am-noon)

Lunch 12:00 noon

Sunday Afternoon:

Home Mushrooms Cultivation & Myco Remediation (1pm-4pm)

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Meet Your Guide

Dave 'Muskrat' Muska is a naturalist and educator with the North Branch Nature Center as well as the founder of Ondatra Adventures, a business devoted to providing meaningful connections to the natural world through Guided Excursions, Naturalist Study, and Wilderness Living Skills.


Dave also serves on the leadership council of the State of Vermont Fungal Scientific Advisory Group (FSAG).  The Fungal SAG is responsible for elevating fungi and increasing the state’s understanding of fungal communities, diversity, rarity, sensitivities, and their impact on greater ecosystems. 


Dave studied Environmental Biology at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY where he focused much of his efforts & attention on Mycology/Mycorrhizal Ecology.  He is a wildlife tracker, guide, musician, wildcrafter, and forager of wild foods including wild mushrooms for both food & medicine.  


Dave offers courses and apprenticeships in Fungal Ecology,  Mushroom Identification, Wildlife Tracking, Wilderness Living Skills, and more throughout the Northeastern US. He has studied with many talented individuals and professionals in the fields of his expertise and, following his curiosity and passions, continues to learn, believing that a true educator must also be a student. 


"Developing a personal relationship with the natural world is a fundamental component of a healthy life and a global community."

--Dave Muska


Program Fee:  $750

Includes all instruction, housing and meals.

Arrival:  Friday, September 15th between 4:00-5:00pm

Departure:  Sunday, September 17th at 5:00pm

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