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Horse in Stable

Animal Communication 
with Cindy Brody

July 14 - 16, 2023


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Animal Communication for Everyone! 

Our animals play such a significant role in our lives.  They're our companions, our supporters, and often our guides.   And as members of our family, they have a lot to say.

I've worked with Cindy a number of times, asking to connect deeper with my animals, and each time, their messages that have come through have been golden nuggets of wisdom that has helped myself and our family in remarkable ways.


Cindy's passion is to help animals feel mentally and physically better through animal communication and energy work.  She is the creator of CinergE, an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings.  


Imagine learning what your pet is thinking and how they are feeling. I can tell you, from first hand experience, it is one of the more heart-opening experiences I've had.


Cindy helps you and your pet understand each other and deepens your connection.  But most importantly, in this class, she will teach you her techniques so that you will feel confident knowing the needs of your pets. 



Cultivating Your Own Animal Communication Skills

Cindy is an international animal communicator, Reiki master/teacher and helps with behavioral issues with all creatures great and small. She created CinergE over 30 years ago in Hudson Valley, NY, as a way to help animals heal. Every session includes a tutorial to share with your animals, friends and family.


“Together we heal.”--Cindy Brody


During this weekend class, Cindy will  help answer questions you may have regarding your fur family. Every behavior whether it is good or bad has a reason. She also helps with the passing of your animals. She gives them  a voice and their messages are often profound and so healing for the whole family.


A dog who is depressed, a horse that bucks, a cat who marks…each has a story to tell, and the better we understand their stories, the better we can assist them living their best life.


Cindy will also be offering Reiki I attunements to help participants better connect with their intuition.

Also during this weekend retreat, you will have time to wander beautiful trails at Hawk Circle, enjoy healthy, homemade meals and quench your thirst at our fresh water spring.  

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"Animals have hearts that feel and eyes that see, and families to care for, just like you and me."  --Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine Pattern
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Register Here

We are offering the opportunity for you to stay on our Sacred Land during this training to extend and deepen your experience beyond what you learn during the day.  We have held and tended to this land for 25 years, offering transformative experiences that help to awaken and deepen your relationship with nature.  We have cozy cabins at the edge of the forest for you to stay in, including soul-quenching, healthy meals!

(We are happy to accommodate most allergies.)

July 14-16, 2023

Arrive: Friday by 4:00pm

Depart: Sunday by 2:00pm

Includes lodging and all meals. (shared occupancy)

Fee:  $750

Please let us know if you'd like to be added to the wait list.

Register Here
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