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Hawk Circle

A place where you experience the magic of nature!

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Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service

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Wilderness Retreats

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Our Wilderness Retreats offer you renewal, healing and inspiration in small group settings, private pilgrimages, or family get-aways.

Classes & Intensives


Our Classes and Intensives give you purposeful skills, grounded in our nature-based learning environment.

Online Courses

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Browse our Online Courses that offer you a transformative experience while deepening your connection to the natural world.

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The Forest Box for Kids
Your child's nature connection delivered right to your door!

Expertly curated activities and crafts that inspire and engage children with the natural world.


Other Featured Programs

Featured Course:

The Forest Mom Program


Creating a Lifestyle that Makes your

Child's Eyes Shine



We help parents utilize the power of nature to raise inspired, confident and creative children.

The Forest Mom Program offers skills, tools and crafts for creating a nature-based lifestyle for your family that is creative, meaningful and nature inspired.  

An online, on demand course!

Weaving a New World

online monthly gathering for women

Join Trista around our virtual campfire for inspiring, thought-provoking conversations and discussion on ways to weave new threads into your life and into the world.


myth & medicine 

Enter the Wild Wood of myth and medicine where you learn how to utilize the power of the natural world for personal transformation.  Monthly classes at Hawk Circle. 

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About Hawk Circle

Hawk Circle is nestled in the rolling valley hills of Cherry Valley, NY situated on over 200 acres of woods, fresh water springs and old pasture lands. White-tail deer freely roam, along with bobcats, bears, foxes and weasels. 


We started over 30 years ago as a wilderness summer camp for children and have expanded over the years as a place where people come, seeking healing and renewal, inspiration, sustainable life skills and a deep connection with the natural world.   

Trista and Ricardo