Celebrating Over 30 Years of Service

Despite our 2020 cancellations due to COVID, we have new and
exciting things happening here that will be unveiled in 2021. 
Stay well, stay tuned and connect with nature!

Youth Programs

Family Programs

Adult Classes & Retreats

Discover the power of the wild by learning skills that will inspire, empower and build lasting friendships.  We offer summer camps, school programs and wilderness expeditions for youth.

Time spent in nature strengthens and renews your family bonds providing experiences that offer renewal, connection and inspiration.  We offer Forest Dad and Forest Mom programs and Forest Grandparent programs.

Classes that offer valuable life skills, healing, and inspiration for living a life connected to the magic of our beautiful world.

Renewal          Transformation             Grounding           Connection

Our Culture...

Nestled among the valley hills, on 200 acres with paths and trails that meander through the woodlands and open fields, over trickling streams and through old apple orchards, Hawk Circle welcomes people of all ages from near and far.

We are blessed with an abundance of fresh, spring water that flows down the hills of Hawk Circle, so vibrant and alive.  Northern, white-tail deer freely roam, porcupines sitting in trees munch on seeds, and the wild coyotes howl as the  moon rises in the night sky. 

Here is a place for you to enter into the magic of the natural world; where you can return again and again and discover more of who you are.  A place to rest, be inspired, heal, transform, renew your spirit and deepen your roots. 

We are free from dogma and rigid philosophy, and inspired by the wisdom held within all of nature and by the age-old myths, legends and lore.

Our accommodations are purposely simple yet cozy, rustic and hand-made, void of interference from electricity.  While there is some cell service available we ask all our guests to leave their cell phones at home so they can truly enter into the magic that is Hawk Circle.

More Offerings...

Guide to Getting Anyone
Nature Ready
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Stirring the Soul Awake
Through the Power of the Seasons
4-part audio meditation series

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Ricardo Sierra

Saving the iGeneration from Nature Deficit Disorder

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Hawk Circle and The Earth Mentoring Institute is a 501C3, not-for-profit organization.

Hawk Circle

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