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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where will my child sleep?

We have hand-built, timber frame cabins with bunk beds that sleep six per cabin.  Cabins are rustic and uniquely designed with timber frame bunk beds and animal carvings on the beams that provides a uniqueness to each cabin.

What is the food like?  Typical menu?

Our menu is both healthy and kid friendly.  We use as many organic ingredients as possible, buying produce from local farms.  We provide fresh fruit for both breakfast and snack daily, green salads and cooked vegetables with homemade dressings for dinners.  Everything is made fresh in our farmhouse kitchen.

Do you offer vegetarian options?
Yes! We offer vegetarian options for every meal.

Do you offer gluten free options?
Yes! We offer a gluten free menu.  This must be pre-arranged so that we can make sure to have all gluten free substitutes on hand.  There is also a $65 fee per person for a gluten free menu.  If you would like us to send you a sample menu before your child attends a program here, we are happy to send you a copy.

How do you handle food allergies?

We accommodate a variety of food allergies and sensitivities.  We have a strict protocol in regards to safety against cross contamination.  If your child has a severe allergy, please contact us and we will arrange a time for you to talk with our kitchen manager and review our policies to insure your child's safety and well being.

What is the girl/boy ratio?
Our summer camps are all coed and the girl/boy ratio does vary with each camp.  Most often, the ratio is approximately 40% girls and 60% boys.

What is the staff/camper ratio?
Our summer camp programs are intentionally small with 15-20 students per camp.  We typically have five counselors and instructors along with our director, kitchen staff and onsite EMT.

Where and how do you find/hire your counselors?
Most of our counselors and instructors have either attended camp here themselves, attended our CIT program and eventually become part of our staff so there has been a long standing relationship.  Others have attended our residential apprentice program and have stayed at Hawk Circle for three months to a year.

How do you handle campers not getting along?
Because of our small group size, our staff are quickly aware when campers aren't getting along.  Our usual protocol is to talk privately with each camper involved as well as holding a camp council where the group as a whole is able to work through any difficulties. We strive to role model respect and acceptance for everyone here as well as empathy.

Do you work with youth at risk?
No, our staff are not qualified to work with youth at risk.

Do you have a nurse on site?
We have a NYS certified nurse or EMT on site at all times during our summer camp season.

Do the directors live on site?
Yes! Our directors, Ricardo and Trista, live on site and are readily available.

Can my child bring their own food/snacks?
Unless your child needs to have snacks available at all times due to a medical condition, we do not allow campers to have their own snacks.  Having food in the cabins becomes problematic with rodents and racoons.

How do you keep boys and girls separate?
Girls and boys sleep in separate cabins while a teacher or instructor sleeps in the staff cabin that is located in the middle of our camp circle.

What kind of knife does my child need for camp?                                                                                   

A non-folding knife is best and the safest for your child to participate in all the activities here.  We have a variety of knives for sale in our store that have been time tested by both campers and staff for a number of years.

Are you a certified camp?
We are in compliance with the NYS Health Department, one of the most difficult agencies to comply with in the country.

Does my child need any money while at camp?
We have several items in our store that your child may wish to purchase.  Our store is open during registration as well as when you pick up your child, but if you would like to leave them with money for store purchase, you may.  We can also keep a tab for your child ONLY with parental permission.

Can I call my child while he/she is at camp?
Yes!  It's helpful to pre-arrange calls with your child and this can be done by emailing or calling us and we'll arrange a time for your child to call home.

Can my child bring his/her cell phone, iPad, or Kindle?

No, we are a technology free zone.  We have little cell service and highly value a technology free experience for our program participants.  The cabins have no electricity, void of artificial light, providing a healthy sleeping environment.

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