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This is a calling, even a screaming for women to wake up. It. Is. Time. Dear sisters, it is past time. We need to foster a new kind of relationship with Self, and we’re beginning in the most sacred, holiest temple of all: THE WOMB.


SHE used to be trusted and deeply known by the feminine, by humanity, but through the ages has been lost. She. Is. Reawakening. She is stunning. She is fearless. She is potent. She is ready. So many of us are hearing Her call. She lives in the cosmos. She lives in the Earth. She lives in YOU.

The Experience

The moment you set foot in the Temple, you’ll be invited to fully drop into a loving and safe container where you can unravel, let go, surrender and rediscover the deepest Truth of who you are.


It’s a space for non-judgmental awareness and unconditional love between

Temple Sisters.


During this three-day / three-night retreat, “Womb Awakening: A Reclamation of the Goddess Within,” Ragda will guide you to reconnect with the deepest parts of your Soul through ancient womb awakening body movement classes, guided meditations, womb breathing exercises, a shamanic womb healing ceremony and more.

You will have the opportunity to reconnect to your innermost human nature through Mother Nature as we immerse and meld into various sacred spaces within the 200 acres of forest at Hawk Circle.


Through drumming, rattling, chanting, sharing and resting in the age-old wisdom of Circles of Women, you will reactivate the innate intelligence of your womb, reopen your most powerful portal to the divine, and ultimately reclaim the divine Goddess that already lives within!

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"Our bare feet are in very fertile ground right now, a time where letting go of the old ways can be as effortless as a flower dropping a petal back to the earth.  As seamless as a snake shedding back into the soil.  It's not painstaking; it's the gentle flow of life.  All we need to do, is trust the flow."

--Ragda Deeb

Retreat Features

  • Daily sunrise womb awakening classes to activate the Wisdom Within

  • Daily sunset conscious movement + meditation classes to shake off whatever needs to be released before sleep 

  • Beautiful, shamanic rose and water womb healing ceremony to assist in your return to innocence

  • Opening and closing sacred ceremonies with your Temple Sisters 

  • Chanting - drumming - rattling ancient divine feminine songs to reawaken those parts lost in slumber

  • Three nutritious, scratch, soul-quenching meals a day, with specialty tonics and cordials made by Trista 

  • Time to submerge yourself in Hawk Circle's 200 acres with sacred sites at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains (ancient stone circle, Black Madonna Forest, White Pine Forest and more)

  • Crafting a womb salve using herbs and oils to enhance your deep womb connection

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Meet Your Guide

Ragda is a shamanic ceremonialist + spiritual coach. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University with a double major in Psychology and Human Development, then a master's degree in physical therapy from The University of St. Augustine.


Her intense personal transformational studies include extensive shadow work, somatic healing, Reiki, mindfulness, meditation, yoga teacher training and more.


In addition, Ragda has devoted many years to experiential studies in Toltec Shamanism + Native American traditions. As an intuitive mama of four boys, she is ever expanding her work with and love for the divine masculine, while fulfilling her life purpose of taking a stand for the crucial rising of the divine feminine.

Our Sacred Venue

Located in the foothills of the Catskills and Adirondacks, Hawk Circle is nestled among the valley hills on 200 acres of forest, fields and sacred groves.

Hawk Circle has been a place where people have traveled to for over 25 years to rest, find renewal, transform and be inspired by the beauty and the power of the natural world.

Woodland trails that invite you to explore, fresh spring water to nourish both body and soul, and cozy cabins where you're sure to get a peaceful night's sleep.

You'll awake to the sound of songbirds as the sun slowly rises over the hill illuminating the landscape still enshrouded in  mist.  And you'll fall asleep to the sweet smell of the forest, hearing the coyotes howl in the far distance.



Program Fee:  $997


Register by April 30th using the discount code


Includes all instruction, housing and meals.

In order to take advantage of our complimentary airport shuttle, please use the following guidelines:

ARRIVAL into Albany International on Thursday, July 27th before 2:00pm(EST)

DEPARTURE from Albany International on Sunday, July 30th after 2:00pm(EST).

We can not take early arrivals, however, you may book a cabin to extend your stay at the end of the retreat.

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