Hawk Circle Outreach 

Youth Programs

Orion’s Path

Inspired by the legends and lore of Orion, the great hunter in the night sky, this workshop teaches kids survival hunting skills.  They’ll learn to work with stone tools as they carve their own throwing sticks and learn the art of throwing and reaching their target.  Other primitive means of hunting will also be demonstrated.

All hunting skills are taught with the upmost respect for animals and all life.  These skills are grounding and help kids connect with their primal self to foster confidence and trust in the natural world.  There aren’t many activities readily available these days that stimulate the primal and instinctual self. 

2-21/2 hour class

Fee:  $10     per student                                                                               Ages 9-12


The Magic of Stones

Stones have a magical quality and have been used for healing, tools, and are believed to connect with a person’s spirit.  In this workshop, kids will choose their stone, and contemplate a symbol that has meaning for them to carve into their stone.  Using a primitive hand drill, we’ll make holes in the stones and attach to string for a beautiful necklace from nature.

Making your own jewelry and drawing your own design is powerful.  More than just a necklace, these stone pendants become a sort of talisman providing comfort, protection and inspiration.  2-21/2 hour class


Fee:  $10   per student                                                                                Ages 9-12

The Gift of the Deer

Leather crafting is an age-old skill as it was the only “fabric” our primitive ancestors had.  In this workshop, kids will be guided through the process of making their own leather pouch while honoring the gifts of the deer.  

Fee:  $10   per student                                                                                Ages 9-12

The Gift of Fire

Fire is what brought the ancient people together.  With fire, they were able to keep warm and cook food - the very beginning of building community and creating a hearth where people gathered.  In this workshop, children will learn several different fire making techniques for survival using primitive techniques and no matches.

There is something very empowering when it comes to making fire without matches.  It is such a core element, not only for our survival but also for the activation of our will.  The process of making fire calls upon the maker’s inner fire to persevere, commit and not give up.

The Natural Advantage

Talks & Discussions for Parents

A Generation in Crisis: What we can do to Save the iGen fromNature Deficit Disorder  with Ricardo Sierra

The average child spends over seven hours a day on digital screen technology, missing out on skill building activities in nature or with friends, or learning through creating free play. This creates a ‘deficit’ in their inner foundation, leaving our kids at risk for a host of mental and physical ailments that can have devastating effects on their ability to build a positive, healthy life in their future.

In this presentation, Ricardo Sierra, Co-founder and director of the Earth Mentoring Institute and of Hawk Circle Wilderness Camp in upstate New York, shares the skills, strategies and actions he’s learned through 30 years of teaching wilderness education to reconnect our youth to the natural environment. Through stories and visual imagery, Ricardo will offer a pathway that can make a difference, and inspire us all to take action with the children we care about in our own lives. After the presentation, Ricardo will take questions from participants in a community-building discussion to help support attendees in moving forward with confidence and passion.



Growing Up Rooted with Trista Haggerty

Raising Kids to be Rooted in Uncertain Times.

In a world that is changing at rapid speed, it's important to cultivate our children's inner growth, or rootedness to provide a strong inner-foundation.  Rootedness alleviates anxiety, depression, and inertia and offers confidence, strength, and a sense of inner peace and well-being.  Being rooted in nature also gives your children a valuable connection and supports them during challenging times - a healthy coping choice.   


A Mother’s Power to transform her family

How Working with the Earth Energies Helps You to Transform Your Family.



using nature as a gateway to awakening our children