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Why Cultivate a Cognitive Agility with our Plant and Tree Allies?

 September 21 - 24, 2023

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Ushering in a New Era

This class is a three-part series designed to wake-up a sleepy intuition or amplify an already existing one for the purpose of ushering in the Symbiocene era, [a term coined in 2011 by Glen Albrecht. He uses this term to argue that human history should enter a new era that is characterized by harmonious interactions between humans and all other living beings].

We are thrilled to have Marguerite offer this incredibly valuable training here at Hawk Circle.  Entering into communion with nature, cultivating a meaningful relationship and becoming co-creators with nature is the very heart of Hawk Circle.

Unlock Your Dormant Skills

Through the changing of our minds, our daily habits and the beliefs we were indoctrinated with, we can unlock our dormant skills for greater meaning and greater purpose.  Skills such as Second Sight, extra-sensory perception(ESP), Psychometry or Remote Viewing.


Progressive scientific thought has labeled this type of knowing, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). This TEK is our intuition, is our gut sense, is our ESP that traditional societies around the world still live and work with these skill-sets effectively. There’s nothing unique to them other than they believe and practice this every day and make it part of their life. 

Creating a viable future absolutely depends on our relationship with the natural world.  Not just safe environmental practices, but returning to a relationship with nature where we no longer view our human species as having dominion over nature, and instead, recognize the intelligence and the powerful allies within nature. 

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Training Syllabus

Who is this workshop for?
Those seeking a reciprocal, sacred and inter-dependent Spirit filled-human-plant relationship.

Welcome to encountered based Nature communication series. Points we work on:

  • Actively pursue and embody, Nature alchemy and equanimity

  • Be present and one with Nature experiences

  • Develop your innate blueprint

  • Liberate Nature languaging skills

  • Daily work on phases of awakening to our biases and beliefs

While navigating this landscape, we have greater understanding
  and acceptance of the phenomena that speaks is our kin.


Part One

1) address and dismantle ego-anthropocentrism.
2) liberate dialogue with the natural landscape.
3) learn to get out of our way on the biases and beliefs that interfere with truth.
4) develop &/or amplify our tool bag of skills.

Part Two
5) how do we listen to the voice of plants? how do we ‘hear’ their answers? what do we ‘listen’
    with? what do we even do with the answers? and why is this so important?
6) the deeper meaning we are seeking.
7) how to apply this to our activities of daily living.
8) crafting true, honest and congruent messages from Natures multi-lingual spaces.
9) shifting from colonial mind to ecological mind.

Part Three
10) re-structuring the empathy we feel.
11) deep listening, developing positive acceptance, growing resilient communities
        in the face of uncertainty.
12) putting our skills to task with trees, plants & Nature. 


This work comes to you as my contribution towards our work of ‘the changing of our minds’ when it comes to our full participation with the-Nature-that-surrounds-us. As we live this life in relationship with land, every day and every moment is sacred and full. We are never alone. Everything is not what it seems. All is our kin. All is sacred. And we serendipitously realize that it never really ever was any different. We were just taught that it was. And didn’t know any better. But we do now. There’s no going back to living in that world of suppressive separation. 

About Marguerite

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower is a Registered Nurse and Clinical Herbalist who leads Radical Wild Foraging intensives through-out the year. She offers a three-day training, Cultivating Cognitive Agility with Plant and Tree Allies, a plant and Nature communication intensive that engages another way of giving attention to plants, trees and landscape.


Working with sensitive tools, electronics and our own internal scanning system, Marguerite guides us in developing a greater understanding and language with the natural environment, and, the deva of place towards equitable and reciprocal living.


Presently, she’s taking a leave of absence from her herbal apprenticeship program, Earth School to concentrate on plant frequencies that align with human mental states of consciousness and her own research human-plant communication. 


To learn more about her work, sign up for a plant communication training, join her monthly Zoom group or commission her for a garden consultation or for your organization event, go to: or email her at


Register Here

We are offering the opportunity for you to stay on our Sacred Land during this training to extend and deepen your experience beyond what you learn during the day.  We have held and tended to this land for 25 years, offering transformative experiences that help to awaken and deepen your relationship with nature.  We have cozy cabins at the edge of the forest for you to stay in, including soul-quenching, healthy meals!

(We are happy to accommodate most allergies.)

Fall Class

September 21 - 24, 2023

Arrive: Thursday by 4:00pm

Depart: Sunday by 2:00pm

Includes lodging and all meals. (shared occupancy)

Fee:  $875

Marguerite is offering the Cognitive Agility Training program twice this year.  When you register, please be sure to let us know whether you are registering for the summer or fall class.

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